Sticky is a applet that allows the user to put “Sticky Notes” on their desktop instead of all around their monitor and other things.

One of it’s main features is a system tray icon that allows quick access to adding notes and other functions of Sticky.

StickyTrayIconThis is the main control panel where you can manage your notes or alter their appearance by changing the font and color. You can also use the Program Options button to change options like the appearance of the desktop or system tray icons, maximum number of notes, and the Auto-Save function.

Control1 Control2

Using the control panel you can also hide notes from the screen using the Hide Note button on the control panel or the Hide selection under the options menu on the note itself.

Notes can be as big... ... or as small as you want.

Other features also include note printing, saving/loading notes from files, and individual color and font settings on every note that you create. So zoom on down to the Download section and tryout Sticky today!


  • 32,000 Notes Maximum
  • 2 type of notes:  Text and Check List
  • Each note has individual options including:
    • Font selection
    • Foreground and Background Color Selection
    • “Always on Top”
    • Rollup When Not In Use
    • Single or Repeating Alarms
  • Searching of Notes
  • E-Mailing and Printing of Notes
  • Ability to Hide Notes to Conserve Desktop Space
  • Ability to Load and Save Text Files (Up to 64kb)
  • System Tray Icon to Speed Access

New for Version 3

  • Compatible with 64bit versions of Windows (3.2)
  • Added a new type of note: Check List Notes.
  • Added Dynamic Titling of notes. (Note titles are built automatically when on.)
  • Corrected Note Rollup Problem
  • Changed Registration system so that it works ok on multi-user systems.
  • Added the ability to add time/date based alarms to notes.
  • Added a popup note list on the right click menu
  • Rewrote printing code
  • Rewrote E-Mail code to support HTML and attaching of a copy of the note
  • Added authentication option for sending e-mail
  • Corrected keyboard hotkey problems
  • Added option for Short Menu Names
  • Moved note storage file to the user’s application data directory
  • Reworked search code to find multiple occurrences in a single note and highlight the found text.
  • Added the ability to save a note as HTML and NoteFile (Sticky import format)
  • Text Note size increased to 64k

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Size: 3.77 MB
HTTP: Sticky-3.2.exe