PopUp Calendar

PopUp Calendar is a freeware application that puts something in the system tray that Microsoft forgot, THE DATE! popup_calendar_systraypopup_calendar_windowPopUp Calendar can place either the day of the week, date, or both in the system tray. As a added bonus, when you click on the date a calendar will popup that you can use to look to see what day the 27th falls on. This is something that everyone needs at one point or another.

Another option that PopUp Calendar has is a hourly chime option. You can either select one of the provided chimes, have the program say the time, or pick your own wave file.  PopUp Calendar also has a daily and weekly repeatable alarms that you can attach any sound you want too.

This application was designed back during the Windows XP era.  With newer versions of Windows the icons currently don’t position correctly when using the date function.  We are working on a new version to handle that along with continuing to add new functionality.

Size: 3500 KB
HTTP: PUC-3.0.exe